How do you ensure edtech editorial quality?

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018 05:57PM PDT
Common Sense Education is a nonprofit with a strong commitment to an unbiased, in-depth editorial process. Our ratings and reviews of edtech tools are not influenced by developers or funders, and we (and our reviewers) never receive payments or other compensation for reviewing any tools. We're also committed to offering our reviews free to educators.

Our editors and reviewers are leaders in edtech, scholars in child development and learning, instructional designers, K–12 subject area experts, and school technology leaders. Reviewers receive extensive, ongoing training in using our rubric and our review process to evaluate digital learning tools. Before publication, all reviews are run by Common Sense Education's editorial staff for final review and approval.

As a nonprofit, we receive funding from investors and organizations, some of whom have funded edtech products we review. As an editorial operation, we take our integrity and independence seriously, and we ensure funders do the same. Our reviews and ratings aren't influenced in any way by our funders. Funders have no impact on our ratings or the content of reviews, what we decide to review, or anything else involving our editorial perspectives or process. Moreover, our reviewers aren't made aware of any of these relationships when conducting reviews, and we make an effort to identify any conflicts of interest in our reviews.

Any partnerships Common Sense Education, or Common Sense more broadly, has with other organizations also have no influence or effect on our reviews. We strive to partner with other organizations only after first conducting an independent editorial review. In cases where this isn't possible, we forgo a review due to conflict of interest.

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